Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Johnny the Wasp came round with a Tiki he specially carved for me. It's based on my own design, includes elements of Von Franko and the rest was left to his artistic devices. I love it. I'm going to seal it to better survive in our northern latitude and find a quiet corner in the back garden for it to watch over. I think he's going to have quite an industry on his hands once it gets out he carves tikis to order.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Emergency Barbecue #1

I threw the tarp off Ol Blue and sent a text to Johnny the Wasp- down tools; weather's too nice to sit inside so lets get out for an emergency barbecue. Quick pitstop for meat and fizzy pop and we went to an out of the way place to stoke up some embers and fry some flesh. Rapidly ate far too much so lay around bloated for a bit before jumping back in the van and heading home.
It seems the boy just can't help himself; not content with creating some Andy Goldsworthy style art he's creating more photo art from it. Nice.