Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New Wheels

New wheels arrived today after skimming the "excess" cash from the sale of Ol Blue the camper van. It's huge- an expanse of contoured ply and bamboo pintail, wide trucks and jumbo wheels. All I can do is look at it lovingly in its cellophane wrapper cos it's raining without mercy here today. Hope to get out on it if the clouds break for a few minutes some time later this week.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


... Ol Blue has gone. Sold on eBay and I reckon I just broke even if I don't think too hard about what I spent. Might throw some of the money back into a vehicle... "might", ha ha; who am I kidding?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rollerburn- the event.

 I'll let the pictures do the talking. It was a great day and a stroke of genius to combine skating with bikes in the presence of bands and beer; I mean what could possibly go wrong? It was a great success and I had a great time- stayed up til 3 talking with friends. Didn't feel so great this morning.

Roller Derby

Ben Part


Mmm... Rollergirls....
 Guy Martin
Penny Farthing Fun
Conrad launches Johnny the Wasp

Friday, 18 November 2011


  Viola lee blues by Tcordastanley

I've got frustrated with the Internet recently. I go on, check my emails, check my Facebook, read my blog subscriptions. I do this every morning. 10 minutes later I'm sat staring at the screen thinking that there should be something else I should be doing. Oh yeah, shopping! All that technology just so that everyone can shop for anything, anywhere in the world. I mostly don't get it except when you come across someone doing something very cool in an artisan manner. This T-shirt arrived safely and lovingly wrapped from Patrick.

Thanks a lot Patrick, I love it.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I headed out towards the blue hole in the grey sky pushing some tall gears on my road bike. My beloved mountain bike has been sent away after the back brake finally and completely failed once I'd crested the top of a mountain last Tuesday. It's gutting when you have to walk the long way down after the hard slog up- zero reward apart from the wholesome feeling of health for having completed the climb. Today there was absolutely nothing in the diary until band practice later so I thought I'd seize the moment and get out to feel what I could of the paltry heat of the low autumnal sun. The roads were greasy and covered in mud from farm vehicles and fallen leaves, the sort of shit that gets up in every part of the underside of a motorbike so i was happy enough to be on a bicycle. I had the Black Keys plugged straight into my head and a direction purely dictated by where the clear sky was. I passed an angry old man driving too slowly in a big car and wondered what he what he got out of being so angry. I got home and squashed a handful of minced beef into a hot pan, melted some cheese on it and stuck it between two slices of home made bread.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


The smoke of the fire mingled with the typical smog of bonfire night spreading the coloured explosions of the fireworks into more of a blur than sharp scattering of sparks. Most of the crowd seemed to be heavily laid back and getting into pattern and colour by that point of the evening. The sound of the double bass carried remarkably well as we experimented with different instruments, different styles and different wavelengths. It all worked well leaving everyone with a warm glow.