Friday, 29 July 2011


Couldn't go to the Hotrod Hayride for one reason or another so spent the day doing some wholesome stuff. Climbed Blencathra. It was one that I had said for a long time I needed to walk but so far have only been up it on my bicycle. It's a different beast when you walk it. We didn't take the scariest ridge but it's always a challenge to scramble these ridge-lines. The descent pumped my thighs til my kneecaps nearly exploded but left me feeling nicely worked out. Who needs hotrods, booze and rock and roll when you have mountains? Don't answer that.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Once again my tiny little PA strode into action like "The Little Engine That Could" and performed faultlessly despite my own lack of confidence. The power amp is a MOSFET, which is almost indestructible- so I'm told. You could cook a meal on it by the end of the gig and the thermal fan still hadn't kicked in.
The main band was eventually defeated by sub-standard guitar strings which was a shame because they were pretty good. I was a little disappointed that the crowd let them off so easy but I obviously don't understand the stresses on the modern-day touring band or for that matter the stresses on the modern-day mid-week music audience.
The band had made the Mercury Music Prize long list and as such had some kudos. The sound-check could have been easier if the musicians had a clue about what they wanted to sound like but I got the feeling they would have rather been anywhere else than right here, right now. Eventually intervention was appropriate and with a few minor adjustments the mix came right; loud does not always equal good. My ears are just about shot to bits from too much loud music and motorbikes but I can still hear the difference between a good and a bad mix.
The band picked up and split like there was somewhere they had to be.
The drummer took a moment to say thanks and that was very cool.
I wished him well on his quest for fame.
He seemed tired.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Went for a cycle around the beautiful sunny Lake District on the other side of Windermere from all the tourists to watch a Vulcan Bomber slowly and gracefully dance over-head.

Followed by the Red Arrows weaving their intricate lattice across the sky.

Ending up back at home firing up the home-made chiminea, drinking beer and eating meat.

Monday, 18 July 2011


After a few hours of spannering I got Ol Blues speedo fixed. I now know how close I am to breaking the law. Sadly not very. Still, 60mph is quite a respectable speed in a 45 year old clunker.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Linkert Attacks UK 2011

If you know where to look then may be we'll see you next time.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I am not retro. Nor am I ironic. I do not subscribe to the modern world but I keep up to date. I am a fantasist and a realist. I crave more and need less than most. I could care less and way too much. Dangerous.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy Days #1

Flying along in Ol Blue, door open in the sunshine, at who knows what speed (speedo broke but probably less than 60mph), puffing upon the lovely St Johns tobacco sent to me by Rowan, listening to the cd made by the immensely talented Alex and the Wanderband with whom I had the pleasure of standing in on double bass at a wedding last night. We had one practice of the set comprising some complex folk, Balkan, jazz and blues. I acquit myself by the very seat of my pants. Sometimes it's rewarding to challenge yourself to the limit of your ability. I was nervous but fairly confident in my 5 pages of notes. The crowd was chilled and everything fell perfectly into place. I left the campfire with a pang that I hadn't taken Ol Blue and stayed overnight to jam but I have a gig with the Moonshine Daddies today at 4 so sense prevailed.

Friday, 1 July 2011


Arrived through the post today from Rowan who I met while baffled over Simos electrical problem. I got as far as knowing the problem wasn't the coil but not being able to figure out why. I forgot the name of the guy that fixed it but I learnt valuable lessons about electrical testing.

Rowan, you spoil me. Cigars straight into the Humidor, fresh untainted pipe bought for the St Johns and enough stickers to adorn everything I own. Superb. Nice to meet you and good chatting about some of lifes finer pleasures; bikes, dogs and tobacco.