Sunday, 30 December 2012


Mouth dry, heart pumping and all non-vital body functions shut down as I got to a certain point beyond which I knew I couldn't climb back down. The only way onwards was upwards. I fought the mountain, the snow and myself and eventually got up to where everyone was waiting for me. I had done it and conquered my fears. Planning the short route left to the summit I nonchalantly ask which way we will descend- back down the gully that just now nearly broke my will. It turned out easier than I thought but then again I thought it was impossible. It was good to feel the fear and push through it, it was good to get the non-vital body function back.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Like a dog

with two dicks- King Dick adjustable; part wrench, part vice, all meat, no potato.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Voodoo Tiki

I was trawling eBay looking for that special something vaguely tagged as Tiki and could find nothing except plastic tat. Bar a couple of retailers, the UK is mostly devoid of Tiki culture so I made this myself. The research and development was quite lengthy and there are more discarded than I have left but this is the final draft- what I've come to call The Voodoo Tiki Carved Resin Woodblock Monkey Glow Skull. As suggested in the name this little beauty glows in the dark! Mental! If you want one lets haggle a price cos I have no idea what they are worth what with their magical protective powers and all.

Beware of forgeries, fakes and copyright theft. They shall be forever curse'd and despise'd.