Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Linkert Attacks

The heat and the distance seemed almost unbearable but with warm breeze in our faces and spent miles clocking up at our backs we pushed on. Bikes rattling, shaking, popping and banging we hurtled along in close pack formation. Five bikes, seven bikes, nine bikes, a hotrod, a truck and a van as three lanes turned to two, turned to one and we arrived with only one bike down- a second went down the following day. We begged what tools we didn't have and threw everything we had at the bikes; one of which just did not want to come back to life. Beer was spilled and tobacco burnt and after a haze of music the return journey was upon us. So we did exactly the reverse but with everything different. An improvised fix got rubber back on the road and a smile on the face. And when we were home we tried to retrace the moments above and beyond what the photos capture that epitomise the spirit of what we had just done; a bonding through the shared experience of a 400 odd mile motorcycle ride- strangers become family.


  1. So well written and summarised...

    A trip to remember.

  2. Watcha WeirdoA few of my mates went to the Linkert Attack, do you know Harley Paul and 'Big ' Gav from London?
    Hope you enjoyed the YOU GOT GOOD TASTE mix's
    Mr A the Barber