Monday, 12 July 2010


I'd hoped that this work would have waited til the end of the short but busy riding season of the North of England but with a pissy oil leak spreading oil all over my barrel and heads to burn on in an unsightly mess I could stand it no longer and took up the spanners. Engine apart to replace pushrod tube oil seals, check pistons, tappets, etcetera, followed by putting on a shiny new seat and replacing steering head bearings both of which I was sure I'd done not so long ago (read 5+ years, possibly more). All of this goes against my better judgement of fixing bikes just before you plan on heading off on a long run somewhere but the works gotta be done and there's no time like the present. I stoked up a fat stogie and before I knew it had run out of time. Engine back together but pipes and tank still to do and then to finish the seat and head bearings. I think i'll be working into the night later this week.

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