Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hayride Cycle Cruise 2010

At about 2pm on Saturday 31st of July this was where it was at. If you weren't there you can watch this and try to dig the vibe of how cool it really was. Good times are usually followed by a hangover and feeling blue. The best of times leave you feeling high for a good long time. I'm still high as a kite from hanging out with the best people in the world riding the best bikes (and cars) like they were always intended to be ridden. The motors, the music, the clothes and the people make the Hayride an almost holy occasion for me. Hayride 2010 was the best.


  1. You forgot to mention the breakfast!...

  2. Breakfast was a secret "club" event for the guys in the club and the girls they are with. It goes without saying that it was awesome.

  3. I've been constantly referring to Gabby as "the girl I'm with" ever since. A pivotal moment indeed...