Friday, 1 October 2010

Johnnys garage

Further to Guys recent post on his blog I thought I'd dig up something from the archive. This was taken outside Johnny the Mooks legendary garage circa '95 when I was skinny and had more hair. Taken by the equally legendary Part B (Ben Part; currently of Sideburn fame amongst other things) as a mock up of the riding position for Johnnys Honda CD175 Benley project, code-name the Hornet; a labour of love, the bike was a mastepiece in my view. Puzzlingly only saw it on the road once... hmmm.
The garage was different back then- a huge square. I loved it and would have lived there quite happily. To this day my dream home bears a resemblance to Johnnys garage.
Reminds me of a time when I first cut off my ill-conceived greebo hair. I would have loved another quiff but my hair-line had already scuppered that idea. Still smoking the fat stogies tho.


  1. I was trying to get fibreglass to stick to itself, not my fingers, for a seat base I had (badly) designed for The Sexpig. Even if I did let in a small picture of two nekkid girls on the underside it was not pretty. All the time youse guys were in my ear telling me "chop it, chop it, chop it". In retrospect you were absoluteley right- eventually she did make a lovely little chopper.