Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I like the thick and uncooperative ink of a black ballpoint pen as it picks one of many lines from a heavy pencil sketch on a piece of paper that has grown grubby from being overworked. Sometimes erasing the crazy cobwebs of pencil reveals a gem, sometimes it doesn't. Whatever the out-come it furthers the process, refines it, shows you paths you want to develop and ones you don't. This is how i've designed my tattoos; tattoos that might not be particularly cool for the current scene but they were powerful images at the time, enough to put them into my skin. They mean as much now as they did when they were first drawn and that was the point in the first place. This isn't going to be a tattoo but it might eventually be a sticker if I don't take too long about it and miss the sticker fad.


  1. cool man, you didn't tell me you artistic tendencies!!

  2. I have all sorts of tendencies, most of which I cant talk about.