Thursday, 21 June 2012

There Will Be Blood

 And there was... head full of Whiskey in an attempt to combat a nasty cold, I was just chopping some wood for the fire when the axe slipped and bit deeply into my hand. Oh well, it's not like I work with my hands or anything. I cleaned the wound with whiskey and bound it with a field dressing and it's now mostly healed- notes to self- stay away from the pointy end, don't chop stuff when you're drunk, etc.
 A few bikes we saw on our travels while we slummed it in our new van. The Scottish Islands are perfect for a leisurely bike trip. I might start planning one for myself soon.

 It's quite unbelievable that we have such perfect and uninhabited beaches like this, shame I was suffering from a nasty cold. There's even one that you can land an aeroplane on.
Holiday over, now where did I put that map of France?

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