Monday, 30 July 2012


That I still feel rough today is a testament to what a great time I had at the Hayride. Sat in the Pavillion catching up with old mates over a few beers, watching all the crazy cats with their crazy vehicles go by in the sunshine- what could be better? I'll tell you what- dancing into the night to some awesome bands (Tex Speed Combo was my favourite and it turns out I know the singer from ages ago, small world) and awesome DJs, drinking more with old buddies and new friends. And then doing the same the very next night. There was so much going on I'm sure I missed loads of it but I had my good time and that's all that counts.


  1. It was indeed a fantastic weekend bruv. Great seeing you again mate. Email me pics again pretty please.

  2. Why didn't you tell me my gut was getting so big!! Excellent weekend, catch you this weekend again!