Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Nice Package



I once read that silver jewellery takes on the personality of the wearer as it is quite a soft metal and will mold to how that person wears it and what they do over many, many years. Looking at my own jewellery I can agree. The rings warp from vibration against the handlebars, they wear from sliding in and out of pockets, they dent from hitting against other metals.

I look forward to my new closedmondays belt and accessories doing the same. Straight out of the box and its protective tissue lining you are hit by the weight and smell, the audible creak as the belt slides through the buckle, the feeling of the locator dropping into the flywheel at top dead centre as the tongue of the buckle falls into the middle hole. It was made to fit me and only me. And, because it knows me, it has concessionary holes either side for christmas and for wishful thinking. I'm gonna need it to cut me some slack at christmas and one day I may just punch the dust out of the next tighter hole- you never know.

Eventually the leather will crease and scar, the edges will round and wear, it will dull from age and use, but it will never break or crack and I doubt if it will ever stretch. Thats when it will tell a story of me. You can't fake that patina; it looks like it's done thousands of miles because it has done thousands of miles- it's real because I am real.

I have owned lots of belts but this is the first one that I love- thank you, Gav. Go get yourself a closedmondays belt, belt loop and lanyard, you won't be sorry. As endorsed by the guys at Eat Dust- if anyone knows quality they do.

(I'm looking forward to the guitar strap and plectrum.)


  1. You wrote about this so much better than i tried to do recently. A+

  2. Were you tucking your tummy in?

    1. haha, Gav told me to breathe in ages ago when he was taking a photo at the oldtimers- made us laugh our arese off for the whole weekend.