Thursday, 17 January 2013

Identity parade

For a few years now I have had a self imposed embargo on buying new t-shirts because, frankly, I am a t-shirt junkie. Part of the situation is my inability to throw any of them away and, despite the embargo, I have bought the odd t-shirt that for one reason or another I felt I could not live without.

So now I have a pile of t-shirts that are thread-bare, yellowed, and/or generally unwearable but I still can't bring myself to throw them away. But I have to be brave and repurpose these wearable statements of my identity to useable lint-free cloth that can clean grease from motorcycle parts so that I can buy some new ones to wear.

So here is the start of an ongoing archive of those items now passing into legend.

This repro Roth Rat Fink shirt was passed down to me by my ex-girlfriends ex-husband who got it when he was panel beating for car builder Stinky Pete in LA (I think). I've worn it til the spaces between the print have completely worn away. I will cut out the front of the shirt complete with Rat Fink himself and use it as a guitar cleaning and polishing rag.

Farewell old friend.

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  1. As a fellow t-shirt hoarder, I have been in this situation...and it sucks. That might be the reason I am sometimes seen sporting sleeveless rags with remnants of screen print on them.