Sunday, 14 July 2013

Things to ponder on a sore head

The morning after. Foggy, just a bit. Too much Doris' 90th Birthday Ale at a very small music festival. After the work was done and all the PA equipment was packed away the drinking began in earnest. It's not that I hadn't been drinking since 2pm- I just sped up. We played music well into the night until the whole thing became a bit of a mess. Stood by Doris' own chair, eating free chips and trying to concentrate on calculating chords on capo-ed guitars, banjos and penny whistles I looked up to this poignant message on the bottom of a tankard hung from the ceiling. Sobering.

There was a one-eyed dog called Seymore there (see more- geddit?). Was he named after he lost his eye? Was it ironic he lost an eye? Or in a completely philosophical way could a one-eyed dog really see more? He was a sweet dog whatever.

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  1. Strange contemplations from the post gig haze, perhaps Seymore is in tune with a higher level of 'sight' . . . oooooooooh.