Wednesday, 6 November 2013


What energy is stored within an object when it is changed from its base material into a defined form?

From the electrical spark that jumps neural pathways and generates ideas to the calorific furnace of muscle action, the human body is an engine of great physical and chemical reactions with the potential to imagine concepts and then bring them into existence. Energy itself cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed or transferred and I feel that things wrought by hand must carry some of the energy of their own creation within them.

Such is it with this creation (now sadly sold out). As I carefully extracted it from its swaddling of bubble wrap and Subsculptures t-shirt I felt, in my hand, what I can only describe as a low hum of energy. Sure I was excited to get it but this was beyond that, some esoteric shit was going down. You don't have to believe it because I don't either but that's what I felt. My friend made a tiki mug. You don't get to say that sort of thing every day. I love tiki stuff, not least because it involves drinking exotic cocktails while listening to lounge jazz. This new artifact of mine is beautifully cast with its deep earth tones just visible beneath a subtle blue/green glaze, it is primitive yet delicate, it is earthly yet Divine. Beg him to make some more, it'll only make mine more valuable. Thanks Jonny, I feel a Tropical Storm coming on.

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