Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Yeah, so I've been away a long time.

What can I say, I fell out of love. I fell out of love with a lot of things. At least I thought I did. When I started this blog I gave myself a mission statement and that still holds true. There's still a lot of stuff I want to share so I guess I'll carry on the monologue for a bit.

I was inspired by reading an article that said vehicles do not possess a soul. It went on for ages about how some vehicle owners desire to ascribe certain characteristics to an object. Blah blah blah but in my opinion essentially correct. Vehicles do not possess a soul (also it must be said that it has not been proven that a soul even exists). They do not possess A soul but some vehicles do have soul. What that means to me is that a craftsman has imbued an object with a certain amount of energy through a construction process and this energy inspires the subsequent owners. I recently acquired this early 80s Dave Yates racing bicycle and have been obsessing about getting it to a particular specification. I'm close now, just a few more bits and I'll be happy. I stand back and look at this beauty and it sings to me. It sings a song of joy to my heart.

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