Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Jeez, I think I've turned into a hipster. I just bought this plastic camera that uses 35mm film and takes pretty awful pictures unless you start learning about shutter speed and aperture. Needless to say I haven't taken a good picture yet. I've taken loads of bad ones tho. Some are so bad they're pretty cool, ironic huh?

Fucking hipster!

But seriously, there's lots of stuff that hipsters dig that I also dig: real coffee, selvedge denim, jazz, beards, old motorcycles, vinyl, steel frame bicycles, and so on. But I still don't class myself as a hipster mostly because, in my opinion, the hipster only inhabits a scene while it's hip and then blows where the wind takes him. Thus he doesn't have enough time to learn the intricacies and mores of that scene. Some cats get into it and stick around and lose the title of hipster. In that case weren't we all hipsters once? As a budding rockabilly and biker I hung around the scene til I figured out what was what. Wait, does that make me a scenester? (Maybe a scenester hangs around a particular scene while a hipster only hangs around a hip scene- I don't know). What I believe is that once you gain the secret knowledge you can, if you want, become truly part of a scene.

After all that I suppose I'm trying to say that I'm not too bothered with hipsters. The idiots will blow away once the wind changes and the ones that stay will probably be quite cool. In fact I feel a bit sorry for the real hipsters because most high-street shops are selling the instant hipster uniform so now all the lowest common denominator fashion junkies can look like hipsters too so the real hipsters are being swallowed up by a bigger group of idiots.

Like the joke says- How do you drown a hipster?

In the mainstream!

Haha, funny. Ironic but funny.

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