Friday, 24 September 2010

Shed picture #1

As I stand in my shed smoking a big cigar I see my spanners, cold, covered in old grease but always faithful. An odd assortment collected together through many campaigns. Some of them were my dads, stolen when I was a punk kid trying to keep my crappy jap bikes on the road. Back then, of course they had no sentimental value; I just pinched them hoping he wouldn't notice. He didn't. Others were obtained through other dubious means no doubt, some I think I even bought. I have learnt, through using them, mechanics enough to keep my current stable functional. It's too cold in here now to even contemplate turning a spanner on a bike so I just stand here smoking and musing on what these slugs of metal mean to me. They're my tools and I love them.


  1. My conclusion? DicE stickers are made of superior material to GKM ones.

  2. aaahhh mans just got to love his tools don't he,my boy has just started to venture into the garage and borrow my spanner's and stuff to wrench on his skateboard just like we did with our Dad's Good shit......