Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Man, now I really am ragged.

It's been two days since Linkert Attacks UK and I'm still not fully recovered. My tongue is lolling heavily in my mouth and refuses to connect words into coherent sentences and my brain is lagging slightly behind that. Let's face it, I'm a mess. I'm starting to piece things together slowly, very slowly. The dv cam footage might shed some light. I'm pretty sure The Dook is to blame, so really it's Stevie and Leedog who have raped my sanity and frankly it's Renshaw who masterminded the whole shebang with the help of Tim, Red, Gav, Steph, Shu, Mike, Con, Guy, Bedwar, Keith, Ed, Mother, Jimmy and probably others I have forgotten.
To be honest I was complicit but I won't mention that to my lawyer who keeps texting me that I'm due £3,800 for something I haven't yet claimed for; it must be this.
It has been the best party I have ever been to despite AND including the amount of work put into it. I had to split early for family stuff which left me feeling guilty that I left the clean-up to the others but me and Johnny the Wasp were litter picking at 6am Sunday morning til there was nothing left to pick, I swear.


  1. was great to meet up... fantastic weekend, drop me your address i have that captain black here for you, rowanmanners@yahoo.com

  2. A perfect summary ... great to see you ...