Thursday, 28 July 2011


Once again my tiny little PA strode into action like "The Little Engine That Could" and performed faultlessly despite my own lack of confidence. The power amp is a MOSFET, which is almost indestructible- so I'm told. You could cook a meal on it by the end of the gig and the thermal fan still hadn't kicked in.
The main band was eventually defeated by sub-standard guitar strings which was a shame because they were pretty good. I was a little disappointed that the crowd let them off so easy but I obviously don't understand the stresses on the modern-day touring band or for that matter the stresses on the modern-day mid-week music audience.
The band had made the Mercury Music Prize long list and as such had some kudos. The sound-check could have been easier if the musicians had a clue about what they wanted to sound like but I got the feeling they would have rather been anywhere else than right here, right now. Eventually intervention was appropriate and with a few minor adjustments the mix came right; loud does not always equal good. My ears are just about shot to bits from too much loud music and motorbikes but I can still hear the difference between a good and a bad mix.
The band picked up and split like there was somewhere they had to be.
The drummer took a moment to say thanks and that was very cool.
I wished him well on his quest for fame.
He seemed tired.

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