Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy Days #1

Flying along in Ol Blue, door open in the sunshine, at who knows what speed (speedo broke but probably less than 60mph), puffing upon the lovely St Johns tobacco sent to me by Rowan, listening to the cd made by the immensely talented Alex and the Wanderband with whom I had the pleasure of standing in on double bass at a wedding last night. We had one practice of the set comprising some complex folk, Balkan, jazz and blues. I acquit myself by the very seat of my pants. Sometimes it's rewarding to challenge yourself to the limit of your ability. I was nervous but fairly confident in my 5 pages of notes. The crowd was chilled and everything fell perfectly into place. I left the campfire with a pang that I hadn't taken Ol Blue and stayed overnight to jam but I have a gig with the Moonshine Daddies today at 4 so sense prevailed.

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