Monday, 5 August 2013

Killing in the name of...

Song 2, Gay Bar, War Pigs- slowly I got hooked and reeled in by the band. The Iron Ore Rally crack was good, meeting old pals and new. I won a prize for my bike being over 25 years old which I would have probably given to the CBX which is also well over that age. I heard from several sources that Johnnys chop has landed in safe hands and is getting the care it deserves. (Johnny won that prize last time we were here and he is still remembered fondly)

What I'll never understand is how you can meet someone when you're sober and yet still doubt that you remember the name correctly- Kev with the brown 'flake shovel forgive me if I've got your name wrong. And yet every sordid details of a Scotsmans wild drug fuelled sex romp told to me while I could barely stand will be burned into my mind forever.


  1. Memory is a fickle thing at best . . . especially in a gay bar, a self defence mechanism to help one forget any abnormal transgressions . . . a King Dick 9/16th offset ring for the mind.

  2. Great having a crack with you Tom, regards Kev

    1. Glad I remembered your name, catch up with you at Stormin the Castle if you're going.