Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Even more bread

Since last update I've had a few successes and a few failures. It seems production of the better examples has a very thin margin of error. This little beauty is the product of yet another drunken chat round a campfire in between jamming and drinking. Among the various subjects bread-making came up completely unbidden by me. My music pal Eddy is also a bread-maker as well as a fantastic guitarist/singer. We traded experiences and tips. This loaf is still made with my home caught sour dough yeast, kneaded hard into a good tight dough but now I'm using much less of a different type of organic flour. Now, thanks to Eddy, I'm proving it in the airing cupboard in a plastic bag of all things. The first two I tried this way rose so fast they almost exploded so it was lucky they were in plastic bags- otherwise I'd have a shit-load of emergency washing to do in secret before my girlfriend discovers I've got dough all over the clean sheets (explain that one). This one I nursed gently to keep it tame. Finally I baked it on a much reduced heat and stayed close by to keep an eye rather than play on the Internet til I smell burning. Presto: best bread yet. Truly, blessed are the bread-makers.


  1. Had a go last year with sainsburys stonemill flour, used the recipe on the packet, add honey and walnuts. wow one slice and your done.

  2. I'm into me muffins at min, trying different recipies but none have hit the spot yet..the apple and cinnamon have come close though. Keep up the bread posts please..I'm a better cook than a baker so all hints and tips are good.cheers

  3. I've taken hundreds of years of experience and all the information easily accessable through the internet and thrown it all out of the window, preferring to see if I could create bread using what knowledge I thought I had and developing the rest through experience. It's been really interesting, mistakes and all. I've made major advancements through meeting people and talking face to face, sharing tips- it's been slow progress but it's been real; unlike just reading stuff off the internet. Home baking is the new Rock and Roll.